Over Night Camping
13th & 14th
11th Annual
Arlington Airport
Western Washington's Premier 3on3 Basketball Tournament
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Champions 2016-2020

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Girls 4th - Links Trailer        
Girls 5/6th - Lady Ballers        
Girls 5th Gold - Team Peppa        
Girls 6th Gold - Valley Girlers        
Girls 7th Silver - Tygaz        
Girls 7th Gold - 4 Musketeers        
Girls 8th Silver - Ballout        
Girls 8th Gold - Get Buckets        
Girls HS Silver - Street Ballers      
Girls HS Gold - Rim Rockerz        
Boys 3rd - Warriors        
Boys 4th - Beast Ballers        
Boys 5th Silver - Lynden United        
Boys 5th Gold - Street Ballers        
Boys 6th Bronze - Terminators        
Boys 6th Silver - NBA Scrubs        
Boys 6th Gold - Lynden Bombers        
Boys 7th Silver - Slamma Jamma        
Boys 7th Gold - DYM Sonics
Boys 8th Bronze - Smokeys
Boys 8th Silver - Free Agents        
Boys 8th Gold - Pink Panthers        
Boys 9th Silver - Basketeers        
Boys 9th Gold - We can do all things through        
Boys HS Bronze - Dawgs
Boys HS Silver - Ferndale        
Boys HS Gold - The Park        
Mens Bronze - Windbreakers        
Mens Silver - Custer Elite        
Mens Gold - Duncan Donuts        
Mens Platinum - Don't Bring Your Girlfriend        
Mens Over 30 - Wrong Side of 35         
Adult Co-Ed - BMB         

               We'll see you on the runway!